Mona Shop Manager

Job No: MONA598
Location: Berriedale

Mona Shop Manager
Location: Berriedale
Full time

Mona has a shop. It’s pretty great. Sells all your standard museum shop stuff: t-shirts, totes, syringe pens, postcards, millionaire memoirs, fat mugs, urns for your dearly departed, provocative soaps, tea towels. Okay, maybe it’s a little more than most.

So, given that we’re currently on the lookout for a Shop Manager, they’ll need to bring a little more than most to the role. If you want the job you’ll need to be highly competent, quite good at talking to people who’ve been offended by soap, very good at creative collaboration, and experienced at managing a retail outlet.

You’ll also lead all aspects of retail strategy and operations, including product development, merchandising and customer service. You'll report on sales, maintain inventory and budgets and coordinate the daily activities of your team on the floor. You'll be supported by Mona's Director of Curatorial as you develop the retail offering to be as unique and adventurous as any. 

The Gig: 

  • In collaboration with Mona’s curatorial and marketing teams you will develop and maintain a retail presence and product range that enhances people’s visit to Mona, working with these teams to ensure alignment with Mona's values, tone and personality.

  • Effectively manage and report on sales performance and identify opportunities to optimise commercial outcomes.

  • Lead all store operations, including visual merchandising, inventory and budget management, recruitment and staff development, with a focus on developing operational efficiencies.
  • Develop a product knowledge base related to Mona's exhibitions and collection and other such Mona related pursuits (like music, and wine, and beer, and…).
  • Create an in-store environment that resonates with the Mona visitor experience, this should focus on a shopping experience that highlights unique products or museum related themes.
  • Work to align shop products with Mona’s sustainability values, including identifying and developing product lines that emphasise the importance of sustainability in product offerings. 

The You:

  • Considerable experience in the retail sector, with management experience in a shop environment being a likely path to success.
  • Prior experience in managing teams and recruiting new talent.

  • Commercial acumen with the ability to produce detailed reporting and analysis.

  • A commitment to producing outstanding customer service that complements the Mona environment. 

  • Exceptional communication skills, capable of engaging with customers from diverse backgrounds.

  • Project management and production experience, particularly in a retail background, (bookshop knowledge a bonus!) 

Mona isn’t a place in which everyone can thrive. You’ll have your core beliefs challenged (‘We’ll question those things that allow you to lie to yourself’), and you’ll need to be able to benefit from chaos (‘Mona is a ship afloat on a sea of chance’). If you have the requisite skills, and you seek to change both the art world and yourself, tell us how at:

Applications close Monday the 4th of March at 9.00am.

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